Posted by: Consider This... | April 23, 2018

Monday’s Moments & Memorable Musings

Our world and we mere mortals collectively have gotten so used to being indoctrinated by ‘The Media’ to see everyone else’s faults, mistakes, and even failures, that we have neglected personal accountability, ignored our Moral Compass, and worse yet, placed ourselves above everyone else; because, after all, we are prone to switch the focus elsewhere, anywhere, except that long lingering look in the mirror… And with that, our very souls die a little more each day, taking comfort in being spoon-fed anything and everything via our computers, TV’s & radios, and being washed along down the river of regret…

Where does it stop? When will it all stop? Why hasn’t it stopped? How will it get stopped? And, Who will stop it? “Stop What?” – Our society’s eroding and decaying Moral Centre, which is being replaced with selfishness, paranoia, and derisive glee when yet another person falls from their Ivory Tower…

How many mirrors must we look into before ‘we’ change ourselves? 


{ Monday’s Moments & Memorable Musings (c) @AndConsiderThis }


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