Posted by: Consider This... | January 1, 2018

Monday’s Moments & Memorable Musings

A long time ago, in another life, somewhere beyond my current horizons, I had strength, agility, perseverance…

I could leg press 1,000 pounds 
(Yes, really, but forget what the chest presses in pounds I could do.) 
But then a series of unending events slowed me down, more and more and MORE…

A crippling back/spinal column injury, 
A rare neurological condition, 
A rare blood condition, 
A rare lungs/airways condition, 
A roller coaster PSA count,
(Up again to 8.23, with an MRI coming this week, possibly followed by a Prostate Biopsy… *OUCH!*) 
A family history of cancer, 
24/7 Chronic Pain, 
24/7 Chronic Bronchitis,

All of which, even individually, have shortened considerably my lifespan of liveable years on Planet Earth…
The Spinal Column injuries alone, I was told, have aged my back by 20 to 30 years minimum…
Now, my life is a daily regimen of pills, capsules, puffers, all several times a day, with an added bonus of a CPAP Machine I must be on every night, and several times during the day to… well, quite literally, keep me alive for yet another day…

But yet, in spite of all of the above, God has been bringing me through daily, kept me going, Blessed me with at least some friends that care, and surrounded me with a series of miraculous events that, while not having “healed” me, they have renewed within me, a determination of will, hope, and soulful comfort…And for that, I am eternally grateful…

So, bottom line, “Never give up, Keep going!” Define yourself as not one who gave up too soon, but rather, one who said to the ol‘ devil, “Is THAT the best you got?? Bring it!! ‘Cause with God on my side, you ain’t never gonna beat me down, you ain’t never gonna make me quit, you ain’t NEVER gonna make me give up! I may hurt, I may burn, I may stumble and even fall, BUT I WILL GET BACK UP!”

Onward to 2018 Everyone!


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