Posted by: Consider This... | December 26, 2017

Tuesday’s Tearful Tune

“Walk with me for well over one thousand years,

Where we will surely forget all of our deepest fears,

And together to put behind us the painful past,

With gaining renewed and eternal souls to last;

Walk with me for well over ten  thousand years,

And be comforted that we will have no more tears,

To only have eternity ahead of us and far beyond,

With knowing we will never again be in servant’s bond…

Walk with me for well over one hundred thousand years,

Our voices raised in honour to our Lord that truly hears,

Our gratitude, praise, and devotion to Him that saved us,

From an endless blackness, shame, pain, and anguish…

Walk with me for over a thousand times one thousand years,

Where in Heaven we’ll be unafraid, never to hear earthly jeers,

Nor endure the deep cuts of regrets, laments or sorrowful loss,

But with the comfort to be here, because of His sacrifice on the cross…

Walk with me for endless, countless thousands of years,

Will we even remember what it was like to shed those tears?

Of this, I know and can say without a glimmer of doubt,

That I will be forever glad to be with you on that route…”

© William P.H. Barkus, December 2017 A.D.

(In Memory of Hugh A. Barkus, passed away on December 23, 1987, A.D. at 21:35 AST)


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