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Will’s Warming Wonderful Wednesday Wisdom Words

willrogers1-2x Minds are changed through observation

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Tuesday’s Terrific Tune

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Sunday’s Shared Smiles

miltonberle1-2x Laughter

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Friday’s Fabulous Fantastic Faith Fact

dwightlmoody1-2x Faith makes all things possible

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Will’s Warming Wonderful Wednesday Wisdom Words

willrogers1-2x The right track

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Monday’s Moments & Memorable Musings

Why is it, that Psychics, Mediums, and Fortune Tellers never have the winning lottery tickets numbers for themselves? 

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Sunday’s Shared Smiles

Q: “At what time of the day was Adam Created?” 

A: “A little before Eve.” 


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Saturday’s Special Secret

“Some” of the world has been watching recently, of the uprising in Iran, against the Fundamentalist, Suppressive, and often-times, Brutal Islamic regime. Much of which, is the stance many women there are also taking against the extremist rulers, in fighting for their freedoms, rights, and even priveledges. 

But, ‘watch’ is the only thing our proverbial Western Society seems capable of doing; for, I have yet to see “Feminists of America”, or BLM (“Burka Lives Matter”), or even the well recognized North American Hashtag of #metoo coming to the rescue, heck, even in support, of the Muslim women in Iran. 

I have also yet to see, even one goal/aim/directive from our Canadian “Feminist” Prime Minister, to go himself, or at least, send someone, anyone, from his Liberal Cabinet to denounce said Extremist Islamic Regime in person, In Iran, publicly. 

What does this say now about “The West”? Are we so blindly consumed with outing myriads of sexual predators from various public positions “here”, that we actually forget there are Billions of women “Elsewhere” that experience hostile oppression Every. Single. Day.? Sadly, it would seem yet again, that worn out adage of “NIMBY” (“Not in my backyard”) has been ingrained into our collective conscience, and very deeply so. 

#metoo ?? What about #ThemAlso ?? Countless women internationally experience beatings, intense hatred, and unimaginable horrors over and over again, and have we lifted a finger to help? But yes, someone in the audience shouts out, “What CAN we really do?” Ok, Challenge Accepted; Wherever you are, right now, in North America, write to all 3 levels of your government, and your leaders. Civic (Municipal), Provincial/State, and Federal.

And do not just write to the ‘local’ representatives, also write to the leaders of your city, province/state and the President & Prime Minister. And too, here in Canada, definitely write to the Minister of Women’s Affairs, The Honourable Maryam Monsef herself…Yes, ironic isn’t it, She of all people, now that she was outed for actually being from Iran, not Afghanistan, should be screaming at the top of her lungs against the oppression of women in Iran…

But, what’s that sound we all hear?…

Crickets…and even they are getting even more silent…

It is times like these, that we awake and realize, there ARE only two (2) Genders on this planet, of which science has proven endlessly; but sadly, one of those Genders continues to suffer…even in 2018 A.D. 


(Ok, you have read this more than once, start writing!) 



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Monday’s Moments & Memorable Musings

A long time ago, in another life, somewhere beyond my current horizons, I had strength, agility, perseverance…

I could leg press 1,000 pounds 
(Yes, really, but forget what the chest presses in pounds I could do.) 
But then a series of unending events slowed me down, more and more and MORE…

A crippling back/spinal column injury, 
A rare neurological condition, 
A rare blood condition, 
A rare lungs/airways condition, 
A roller coaster PSA count,
(Up again to 8.23, with an MRI coming this week, possibly followed by a Prostate Biopsy… *OUCH!*) 
A family history of cancer, 
24/7 Chronic Pain, 
24/7 Chronic Bronchitis,

All of which, even individually, have shortened considerably my lifespan of liveable years on Planet Earth…
The Spinal Column injuries alone, I was told, have aged my back by 20 to 30 years minimum…
Now, my life is a daily regimen of pills, capsules, puffers, all several times a day, with an added bonus of a CPAP Machine I must be on every night, and several times during the day to… well, quite literally, keep me alive for yet another day…

But yet, in spite of all of the above, God has been bringing me through daily, kept me going, Blessed me with at least some friends that care, and surrounded me with a series of miraculous events that, while not having “healed” me, they have renewed within me, a determination of will, hope, and soulful comfort…And for that, I am eternally grateful…

So, bottom line, “Never give up, Keep going!” Define yourself as not one who gave up too soon, but rather, one who said to the ol‘ devil, “Is THAT the best you got?? Bring it!! ‘Cause with God on my side, you ain’t never gonna beat me down, you ain’t never gonna make me quit, you ain’t NEVER gonna make me give up! I may hurt, I may burn, I may stumble and even fall, BUT I WILL GET BACK UP!”

Onward to 2018 Everyone!

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Tuesday’s Tearful Tune

“Walk with me for well over one thousand years,

Where we will surely forget all of our deepest fears,

And together to put behind us the painful past,

With gaining renewed and eternal souls to last;

Walk with me for well over ten  thousand years,

And be comforted that we will have no more tears,

To only have eternity ahead of us and far beyond,

With knowing we will never again be in servant’s bond…

Walk with me for well over one hundred thousand years,

Our voices raised in honour to our Lord that truly hears,

Our gratitude, praise, and devotion to Him that saved us,

From an endless blackness, shame, pain, and anguish…

Walk with me for over a thousand times one thousand years,

Where in Heaven we’ll be unafraid, never to hear earthly jeers,

Nor endure the deep cuts of regrets, laments or sorrowful loss,

But with the comfort to be here, because of His sacrifice on the cross…

Walk with me for endless, countless thousands of years,

Will we even remember what it was like to shed those tears?

Of this, I know and can say without a glimmer of doubt,

That I will be forever glad to be with you on that route…”

© William P.H. Barkus, December 2017 A.D.

(In Memory of Hugh A. Barkus, passed away on December 23, 1987, A.D. at 21:35 AST)

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